The Bath Bomb Company

The Bath Bomb Company is another amazing Canadian company that we absolutely love their products and are so excited to share them with our wonderful customers. 

Each Bath Bomb is handmade in small batches in Manitoba to ensure quality and that loving personal touch. With quality being their priority, they use 98-100% natural based ingredients such as essential oils, hydrating coconut oil, detoxifying sea salts, and aromatic fragrance oils to ensure you have the most amazing bath possible. The Bath Bomb Co has mastered their craft and knows that each bath bomb weighs 200g and will fizz in your bath for 5 minutes. 

The Shower Steamers have many different ways that you can use them. One way is you can use them in the shower. To get the most aromatic experience, you get the steamer damp and place it on a ledge, or somewhere in the shower away from direct water flow. This will allow the essential oils in the steamer to be slowly released giving you a spa-like ambiance for your shower. When you're almost done, pick up the steamer and while holding it close to your face, deeply inhale and enjoy the wonderful aromatherapy experience. Another way to enjoy the steamer is by placing it in a bowl of steamy, hot water, lean over the bowl with a towel over your head to enjoy the aroma. Lastly, you can use the steamers as a mini bath bomb. We find that mother's of more than one child love to use these little gems so that each child gets their own bath fizzy!

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