August Birthday Ball - 2-inch Diameter

August Birthday Ball - 2-inch Diameter

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People born in August are always described as loving. They care deeply about those around them and value marriage and relationships above all else. They tend to see the good in everyone which can be to a detriment. They learn new things easily and inspire others with their infectious enthusiasm.

Personality traits of people born in August include humorous, romantic, friendly, sensitive, generous, egotistic, caring, fearless, and brave.

By possessing all of the qualities of a leader and are successful in this position because of quick thinking and independent thought. August born are often talented musicians and artists. With this fiery temperament, they can also be easily angered and often feel jealousy strongly.

The beautiful handmade glass August birthday wish ball hold the powers of honor, dignity, and protection.

Also available in a 6-inch diameter.