February Birthday Ball - 2-inch Diameter

February Birthday Ball - 2-inch Diameter

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Relationships are incredibly important to people born in February and one of the main characteristics is empathy for others. Finding that special person is a lifelong goal for them and if they do not succeed, they can become depressed and negative. They have a caring heart and will make a great parent.

Personality traits of people born in February include realistic, intelligent, sexy, attractive, temperamental, shy, humble, quiet, honest, loyal, and smart.

These people are very goal orientated and are often described as ambitious and successful. They love their freedom and can often become rebellious if they find themselves restricted. Easily hurt, they tend to have a very sensitive soul but can become angry easily, although they'll very rarely show it.

The February wish birthday balls are handmade and the colors are specifically chosen to hold the powers of security, strength, and peace of mind.

Also available in 6-inch diameter.