January Birthday Ball - 6-inch Diameter

January Birthday Ball - 6-inch Diameter

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People born in January are independent and analytical as well as clever and creative which is the perfect combination for a leader. They stand out from the crowd and with an obvious charisma, people are always happy to follow. It is normal for those born in January to live a more traditional life than others.  

Personality traits of people born in January include serious, reserved, motivated, attentive, sociable, and stubborn.

While they are usually quiet, they tend to get excited or tense easily. January born individuals enjoy making the people around them happy and do not focus on other people's weaknesses or flaws. Typically they are resistant to illnesses but prone to colds. Generally are cautious and good with money because they always think twice before spending.

The January birthday wish balls are handmade and infused with colors which hold the powers of healing, love, and friendship.

Also available in 2-inch diameter.