March Birthday Ball - 6-inch Diameter

March Birthday Ball - 6-inch Diameter

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People born in March are often very lucky people. Often in the right place at the right time, they seem to have the potential to make a lot of money but can also lose it quickly.  Relationships do not always suit them but when they fall in love it is of the very deep kind.

Personality traits of people born in March are attractive, sexy, reserved, shy, secretive, honest, sensitive, generous, and understanding.

They're often said to be living in the clouds as they love peace and tranquility. Often dreaming and fantasizing, they love to travel and serve others. They also love to be paid attention so often make quick decisions when choosing partners. 

March birthday wish balls are handcrafted and infused with colors to hold the powers of beauty, honesty, and loyalty.

Also available in a 2-inch diameter.