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"It’s not that often that we use the word pretty to describe something around these parts, but that’s exactly what our Peony scent is, a pretty smelling candle.

Growing up, peonies were all around my Grandma + Grandpa’s dairy farm. Each spring they’d return with their vibrant hues + fragrant notes filling the air. Those beautiful flowers with endless petals.

There’s something nostalgic this scent for so many. Be it those memories of a family member’s garden, coming home + finding a bouquet, or maybe the memory of having them as part of a special day.

Our take on Peony sees us blend lush, flesh florals with a heart of peony. Powdery + maybe even a little bit romantic (we’re not really experts when it comes to these things). We’ve given this scent a slightly younger feel by accentuating with just a hint of Sweet Pea, creating a scent that’ll take you back to those lazy summer days, peonies in full bloom."

Pure soy wax, fine fragrance oil, cotton core wick core wick.

8oz lowball glass tumbler - 45 to 50 hour