Tree of Grace - 2-inch Diameter

Tree of Grace - 2-inch Diameter

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The grace that we receive and see in others can often overwhelm us. People who have grace are kind, loving and full of charity. Grace can be seen in actions, words, and even in nature.

The Tree Of Grace reminds us to reflect on the goodness of grace and how we can help to bring more of it to others and the world. This is a brilliantly colored Tree Of Enchantment, with vivid hues that sunlight, or any light, reflects from in gorgeous patterns.

Crafted by artisans in Canada, these are hand blown art glass spheres and may be hung outdoors in trees or under eaves, or inside by your windows, wherever the sun can catch the vivid colors of the balls.

Like trees in a forest, no two are the same, and each is a symbol of growth, strength, and the cycle of life. As the seasons change, so does nature's palette. These hand blown art glass balls are made up of a beautiful mix of colors, and each one is unique and unlike any other in its combination of colors and patterns.